NDCA Conference

It was wonderful to see so many Vermont and New Hampshire Career Development Professionals at the NCDA Conference. The investment in our own professional development for a few days was refreshing and rewarding. Professional development shouldn’t end there. We are looking for ways to ways to engage with all of you, and to create pathways for you to engage with each other. I hope that you will participate this short Needs Assessment, so we can identify how best to support your professional development.

I would like to thank Doug Cullen, now Past-President, for all his work to launch the first Bi-State CDA in the country and for all the networking and ground work he has done for getting the VT / NH CDA started. Doug transitioned to his new role in June and I am happy to be serving as the President for the next year. A special thank you needs to also go out to Angela Bourassa, our new Treasurer and Lydia Eaton, our new President-Elect, for their enthusiasm in taking on those roles and the wonderful ideas they bring to the table.   Please let us know if you are interested in joining our team or one of our committees.

If you know a person or organization doing excellent work in the field of Career Development, please let us know. NDCA is hosting 12 awards which are listed in the award form, click to learn more. If you are not an NCDA member, let us know and we’ll see how we can nominate leveraging our NCDA membership.

All the best for the upcoming academic year,
Squeak Stone
President, VT/ NH CDA

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