New England Consortium (NEC) Announcement

The VT/NH CDA has joined  Connecticut, CT CDA; Maine, Maine CDA; Massachusetts, MCDA; and Rhode Island, RICDA , in a new consortium to incentivize intra-region collaboration and provide additional benefits, including access to professional development opportunities for VT/NH CDA members. We look forward to the benefits of intra-region collaboration and travel to network, participate in dialogue, and attend professional development activities and conferences, while exploring and enjoying all the beauty and recreational opportunities throughout historic New England when appropriate.

New England Consortium (NEC) Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement: Collaborating to promote excellence in career development research and practice throughout New England for Providers, Customers and Stakeholders

Vision Statement: Shaping the future of our New England communities by providing resources and leadership that inspire youth and adults to achieve their fullest potential, and participate and contribute their gifts and talents across their career-life roles.

New England Consortium (NEC) Guidelines to Incentivize and Facilitate Intra-Region Participation Throughout the Six New England States

Our NEC agrees on the following NEC Guidelines to incentivize and facilitate intra-region participation, including webinars and/or travel travel across the New England Region for professional development, workshops, networking, conferences and related activities:

Each NEC State Division CDA that is sponsoring a professional development activity (e.g., workshop, webinar or conference, appropriate networking activity) will agree to allow members in good standing of any of the six NEC State Division CDA’s, [Ct CDA; Maine CDA; MCDA, RICDA and the joint VT/NH CDA] to participate in that NEC activity at the “member” rate, if there is a “member” rate for that activity set by the NEC CDA that is offering/sponsoring that activity. If a “non-member” from any of the six New England States, or any other location, wants to attend such an activity, they will be charged the “non-member” rate that the sponsoring NEC State Division CDA would normally charge any “non-member”, including NCDA members residing in the six New England States who are not currently members of our local State Division CDA’s in New England, that now comprise the NEC.

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