VT/NH CDA Fall 2019 Newsletter


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Fall Greetings from VT/NH CDA 

Happy National Career Development Month!

Welcome to the VT/NH Career Development Association, NCDA’s only dual-state division in the nation that was inducted at the 2016 NCDA Global Conference in Chicago, IL. 

This division has become the final puzzle piece to a collaborative effort by all New England State Division CDAs forming the New England Consortium (NEC). This NEC was established to provide the opportunity for members of individual NCDA State Division CDAs in New England (ME, VT/NH, MA, CT & RI) to attend professional development activities, networking and annual conferences throughout the New England region at the hosting State Division CDA “member rate”. *Please note: Members of individual NEC State Division CDAs outside of RI, will be able to attend RICDA events at a 25% discounted rate. Join VT/NH CDA now for only $25 and click here  https://vtnhcda.org/membership/ to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

Closer to home, I am excited to announce that the VT/NH CDA leadership plans to meet and greet our current and future members via a “road tour” for the 2019-2020 season. Our first stop, Burlington, VT! Details coming soon as to where and when.

Are you a practitioner or researcher who is passionate about the career development of youth and adults? You may work in a K-12, college or university, agency, corporate, or private-practice setting, that helps people navigate their career development process. If you identified with these or related scenarios, we are speaking to you! Come join us and learn more about what this organization is and offers to all stake holders interested in the career development process. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest regards,

Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President


Summer 2019 Newsletter

IMG_3057New England Image

                       Ed Colozzi MA CDA President and I at Lake Morey, VT


                                                        Carolyn Jones (Center) NCDA Trustee for State Divisions
                                                                             Amy Jaffe, (Right) Maine CDA President

Whether Near or Far … Together, We Can!

What an exciting couple of months! First, I want to thank our friends at VSAC for their collaboration and a wonderful conference on Transition and Career Planning, May 23rd at Lake Morey, VT. This conference was the first of several New England professional development opportunities as we (VT/NH CDA) are also part of the New England Consortium (NEC)CDA. Up above I am pictured with my dear friend and colleague, Ed Colozzi from Massachusetts, who is responsible for spearheading this three-year, collaborative effort, now made official as of March 2019! We have opened our borders for travel, all you need is a membership from one of the New England State CDA’s: VT/NH, ME, MA, CT, RI. Your membership at only one state CDA has now become your passport for PD opportunities New England-wide at the hosting state CDA member rate. Thank you to all our sister state CDAs for making it possible!

June brought me to Houston, Texas for the 2019 NCDA Global Career Development Conference. I had the sincere pleasure of co-presenting with Amy Jaffe from Maine on our NEC CDA efforts and it was most well received by state leadership of the NCDA. This type of collaboration has inspired others to form similar partnerships in the future. Thank you Carolyn Jones for inviting us to present!

Collaboration is the theme, and you will find that this organization at the national and state level, has leaders who are so generous with their time, talent and commitment to serving the needs of their members and those they serve who seek career development opportunities. I am a proud member of the NCDA since 2006 and a founding member of the VT/NH CDA (Est. 2016). If you are in the VT/NH area and want to instantly become part of a huge collective of professionals, join now by clicking here: https://vtnhcda.org/membership/  

I wish you all a safe and most celebratory Independence Day this 4th of July!


Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President

Spring 2019 Newsletter


Lake Morey Resort

Spring is finally here!

     After a long winter, take time for yourself and gain knowledge in your field while either connecting, or reconnecting, with colleagues in a beautiful setting.

     Please join us May 23rd for the Transition and Career Planning Conference – Learn, adapt, change: A Model for Readiness at the Lake Morey Resort in Vermont (http://lakemoreyresort.com/). For only $55, you can register for a days worth of professional development by clicking onto this link:


Registration Deadline is May 15th

     If you are a member of another state CDA Chapter, we ask you to join us in Vermont for the same amazing rate of $55! It’s worth the drive to make some amazing connections in other New England States.

     Planning to go to the 2019 NCDA Global Career Development Conference in Houston too? Check out the details here: http://www.ncdaconference.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/conference_home

See you at Lake Morey!

Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President

New England Consortium (NEC) Announcement

The VT/NH CDA has joined  Connecticut, CT CDA; Maine, Maine CDA; Massachusetts, MCDA; and Rhode Island, RICDA , in a new consortium to incentivize intra-region collaboration and provide additional benefits, including access to professional development opportunities for VT/NH CDA members. We look forward to the benefits of intra-region collaboration and travel to network, participate in dialogue, and attend professional development activities and conferences, while exploring and enjoying all the beauty and recreational opportunities throughout historic New England when appropriate.

New England Consortium (NEC) Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement: Collaborating to promote excellence in career development research and practice throughout New England for Providers, Customers and Stakeholders

Vision Statement: Shaping the future of our New England communities by providing resources and leadership that inspire youth and adults to achieve their fullest potential, and participate and contribute their gifts and talents across their career-life roles.

New England Consortium (NEC) Guidelines to Incentivize and Facilitate Intra-Region Participation Throughout the Six New England States

Our NEC agrees on the following NEC Guidelines to incentivize and facilitate intra-region participation, including webinars and/or travel travel across the New England Region for professional development, workshops, networking, conferences and related activities:

Each NEC State Division CDA that is sponsoring a professional development activity (e.g., workshop, webinar or conference, appropriate networking activity) will agree to allow members in good standing of any of the six NEC State Division CDA’s, [Ct CDA; Maine CDA; MCDA, RICDA and the joint VT/NH CDA] to participate in that NEC activity at the “member” rate, if there is a “member” rate for that activity set by the NEC CDA that is offering/sponsoring that activity. If a “non-member” from any of the six New England States, or any other location, wants to attend such an activity, they will be charged the “non-member” rate that the sponsoring NEC State Division CDA would normally charge any “non-member”, including NCDA members residing in the six New England States who are not currently members of our local State Division CDA’s in New England, that now comprise the NEC.

Winter 2019 Newsletter

vtnh cda winter

Happy New Year from the VT/NH Career Development Association!

What is your hope for 2019? Is it gaining solutions to the issues you are presented with by the clients or students you serve? Are you best equipped to deal with those challenges? Well, you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help!

Although surrounded by a winter wonderland, it may be isolating at times, but I am pleased to say that efforts are being made to strongly collaborate with our sister CDAs in New England! We are fortunate to be accessible to multiple talent in the New England area that can collectively offer more opportunities for professional development, collaboration and networking. Together we can and we will. Details will be shared as soon as they become available. Start by penciling in May 22 & 23rd on your calendars as a “potential” dual state conference dates with our old friends at the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (www.vsac.org).

Looking for more? Look no further, for it’s time to register for the 2019 NCDA Global Conference June 27-29 in Houston, TX! This year’s theme: Creating Career Interventions to Break Barriers: Empowering Lives and Achieving Equity. Click here for details: http://www.ncdaconference.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/conference_home

I hope to see you there!

The NCDA also offers wonderful credentialing opportunities to serve the needs across all disciplines in career development. For more information click on this link:https://www.ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/credentials

As always, we want to hear from you about the PD you find to be most relevant. We can not service the needs that we are unaware of. What’s on your mind?  Perhaps you are interested in taking on a leadership role? If you are, let me know at vtnhcda@gmail.com.  Until then, mark your calendars, set your goals and let’s make 2019 an extraordinary year together!


Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President