Spring 2019 Newsletter


Lake Morey Resort

Spring is finally here!

     After a long winter, take time for yourself and gain knowledge in your field while either connecting, or reconnecting, with colleagues in a beautiful setting.

     Please join us May 23rd for the Transition and Career Planning Conference – Learn, adapt, change: A Model for Readiness at the Lake Morey Resort in Vermont (http://lakemoreyresort.com/). For only $55, you can register for a days worth of professional development by clicking onto this link:


Registration Deadline is May 15th

     If you are a member of another state CDA Chapter, we ask you to join us in Vermont for the same amazing rate of $55! It’s worth the drive to make some amazing connections in other New England States.

     Planning to go to the 2019 NCDA Global Career Development Conference in Houston too? Check out the details here: http://www.ncdaconference.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/conference_home

See you at Lake Morey!

Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President

New England Consortium (NEC) Announcement

The VT/NH CDA has joined  Connecticut, CT CDA; Maine, Maine CDA; Massachusetts, MCDA; and Rhode Island, RICDA , in a new consortium to incentivize intra-region collaboration and provide additional benefits, including access to professional development opportunities for VT/NH CDA members. We look forward to the benefits of intra-region collaboration and travel to network, participate in dialogue, and attend professional development activities and conferences, while exploring and enjoying all the beauty and recreational opportunities throughout historic New England when appropriate.

New England Consortium (NEC) Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement: Collaborating to promote excellence in career development research and practice throughout New England for Providers, Customers and Stakeholders

Vision Statement: Shaping the future of our New England communities by providing resources and leadership that inspire youth and adults to achieve their fullest potential, and participate and contribute their gifts and talents across their career-life roles.

New England Consortium (NEC) Guidelines to Incentivize and Facilitate Intra-Region Participation Throughout the Six New England States

Our NEC agrees on the following NEC Guidelines to incentivize and facilitate intra-region participation, including webinars and/or travel travel across the New England Region for professional development, workshops, networking, conferences and related activities:

Each NEC State Division CDA that is sponsoring a professional development activity (e.g., workshop, webinar or conference, appropriate networking activity) will agree to allow members in good standing of any of the six NEC State Division CDA’s, [Ct CDA; Maine CDA; MCDA, RICDA and the joint VT/NH CDA] to participate in that NEC activity at the “member” rate, if there is a “member” rate for that activity set by the NEC CDA that is offering/sponsoring that activity. If a “non-member” from any of the six New England States, or any other location, wants to attend such an activity, they will be charged the “non-member” rate that the sponsoring NEC State Division CDA would normally charge any “non-member”, including NCDA members residing in the six New England States who are not currently members of our local State Division CDA’s in New England, that now comprise the NEC.

Winter 2019 Newsletter

vtnh cda winter

Happy New Year from the VT/NH Career Development Association!

What is your hope for 2019? Is it gaining solutions to the issues you are presented with by the clients or students you serve? Are you best equipped to deal with those challenges? Well, you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help!

Although surrounded by a winter wonderland, it may be isolating at times, but I am pleased to say that efforts are being made to strongly collaborate with our sister CDAs in New England! We are fortunate to be accessible to multiple talent in the New England area that can collectively offer more opportunities for professional development, collaboration and networking. Together we can and we will. Details will be shared as soon as they become available. Start by penciling in May 22 & 23rd on your calendars as a “potential” dual state conference dates with our old friends at the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (www.vsac.org).

Looking for more? Look no further, for it’s time to register for the 2019 NCDA Global Conference June 27-29 in Houston, TX! This year’s theme: Creating Career Interventions to Break Barriers: Empowering Lives and Achieving Equity. Click here for details: http://www.ncdaconference.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/conference_home

I hope to see you there!

The NCDA also offers wonderful credentialing opportunities to serve the needs across all disciplines in career development. For more information click on this link:https://www.ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/credentials

As always, we want to hear from you about the PD you find to be most relevant. We can not service the needs that we are unaware of. What’s on your mind?  Perhaps you are interested in taking on a leadership role? If you are, let me know at vtnhcda@gmail.com.  Until then, mark your calendars, set your goals and let’s make 2019 an extraordinary year together!


Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President


Fall 2018 Newsletter

Angela Bourassa Current VT/NH CDA President

Hello and welcome to the VT/NH Division of the Career Development Association, NCDA’s first and only dual-state CDA in the nation.

We are excited to announce that since our inception as a state division at the global NCDA conference in Chicago, IL in 2016, we have quadrupled our membership! If you haven’t done so already, please join us and become a member of our dynamic organization of professionals that spans across two states https://vtnhcda.org/about. We welcome your expertise, as we provide you an opportunity to network locally, nationally and internationally while informing you of current affairs within career development across all sectors: K-12, higher education, public and private agencies, private practices, and business and industry.

The NCDA is offering opportunities for professionals to acquire nationally recognized credentials. Navigate to their award winning website to see what credential training is offered in your sector at: https://ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/credentialing.

Please note: If career development practitioners have their CDF or GCDF, they should contact NCDA immediately to understand how to ‘grandfather’ their existing credential towards the new CSSP credential BY DECEMBER 31, 2018. After that date, the CSSP credential will need to be acquired without consideration of having a their GCDF.

Locally, we are offering an opportunity for Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training that will take place on November 19th. Details for this event can be found  under our events tab: https://vtnhcda.org/events/.

The leadership team (https://vtnhcda.org/leadership/) is in the process of considering topics for future professional development. Do you have a need, a question or an area that you would like to further develop? Email us at: vtnhcda@gmail.com

Looking forward to an exciting year ahead! Enjoy the beautiful fall season.


Angela Bourassa

VT/NH CDA President


As we transition from Winter to Spring, it is important to examine how we support the transitions of others, as well as look at the larger transitions in our own professional  work. I recently went though large transition, from 15 years in higher education to a position helping those in recovery find work. Transitions can be challenging but ultimately, they help us to grow. Please join us to celebrate Transitions at our First Annual Conference for your professional development.

Transitions: VT/NH CDA First Annual Conference
Friday, April 13, 2018 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Keene State College-Madison Room, 229 Main Street Keene, NH 03431

  • Julie Heinz, Senior Advisor at Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative at Civic Nation,  will speak about her work and Transitions
  • James Westhoff, NCDA Credentialing
  • Ed Colozzi, Career Development and Counseling Services & President of the the Massachusetts CDA – Transitions
  • Drew McDowell – Director of Adult Education/Assistant Director at Windham Regional Career Center – Workforce technologies and expanding the post-Secondary landscape
  • Breakfast and Lunch included  See VT/NHCDA Website for more details

Conference Rates

Early Bird rate for members – On or before March 30th $50
Early Bird rate for  non members- includes membership – On or before March 30th $75
Regular rate for members – After March 30th $65
Regular rate for non members- includes membership – After March 30th $90
Student Rate – Non-Member $35

ALSO Friday, April 20, 2018

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Sponsored by the NHCUC Career Professionals Committee

This daylong event features the two workshops with Jim Peacock described below and will include morning refreshments and lunch.

Questions?  Contact Sue Posluszny  sposluszny@ccsnh.edu

or Stephanie Lesperance lesperance@compactnh.org


Participants will gain an understanding of the transitions that our students and clients go through using Schlossberg’s Transition theory of Situation, Self, Support, Strategies (4 S’s) and what you can do to assist a “stuck” client. Two activities include using a Change and Choice Wheel to help clients “see” their changes and choices. As career counselors and coaches, we can then guide action plan development.


In a perfect world, assessments can assist a client in choosing an occupation. But, the chaos of life often complicates things for all of us.  This workshop will look at what we can do to help a person “Plan” their “Happenstance” or what I call “intentional serendipity”. Learn how to help students create unplanned events and to look at career exploration as an opportunity to discover new occupations.  Discover ways you can use intentional serendipity in your daily work. Based upon the Happenstance Learning Theory.

Jim is the Principal of Peak-Careers Consulting,

offering workshops and online seminars for career professionals, as well as career coaching. His background includes twelve years’ experience as the Director of the Advising & Career Center at a community college, twelve years’ experience as a high school counselor, and he has worked in the Colby College Career Center and at Bates College Career Center on part-time contracts.

He is a nationally certified Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor and has taught the CDF class annually since 2000. In 2007 he received the Outstanding Career Practitioner Award from National Career Development Association (NCDA). Jim is a two-time Past President of Maine Career Development 2013-2015 & 2003 – 2004.